Walsh Gallery, Georgetown University, Washington DC, 2004

Upholstered furnishings transformed the exhibition space into a contemporary student lounge. Slightly delayed, live digital feeds of the gallery (and an adjacent courtyard and entry lobby) were projected alongside historic Georgetown school images. Pictures of long-graduated, retired, or deceased students, faculty and staff were paraded in an five hour loop near "live" digital films of visitors to the lobby, courtyard and gallery. Three narrow door mirrors, horizontally hung one over another, sliced each gallery visitor's reflection into an odd, rectangular format. These shape of these reflections matched the long sectional projections of old yearbook photographs. The present became the recent past. A tall, narrow bookcase, held the work of American poet laureates. Each volume was slip-cased in brown paper offering every reader a chance at "epiphany."

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Photo: William Lebovich
Edwards, John. In Search of Lost Time, Erie Times-News Showcase. p. , Feb. 21, 2002 (photo)
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